We help companies achieve the security they need without hiring an internal security staff.

IOTA™: Independent Outside Trusted Authority

InfoSec Labs is an independent organization. We do not sell or resell commercial security products. Our recommendations are driven by knowledge and expertise on best in class products. We make no profit from the recommendations we make – only our clients gain the benefits. This is what makes us independent, unbiased and trusted. Our history and experience makes us an authority.

The IOTA™ concept was developed to respond to the realities of information systems security today. While many consulting firms are biased towards the products they sell, or offer the solutions they recommend, InfoSec Labs is different. We do not sell the solutions we recommend. We do not profit from them either. Our sole purpose is to provide objective and authoritative independent advice: IOTA.

IOTA™ provides assurance that development, deployment, and maintenance meet client security needs. There are increasing needs for security. We are continually discovering new needs for the workforce and marketplace services, each of which raises the security bar. Be it remote connectivity, a major current issue that also goes back a decade or more, or be it newly discovered attacks (“attack vectors”), the maintaining of security is challenging and needs to meet a rising standard as global commerce affects all organizations of all sizes.

There is a tendency for systems to be put into operations prior to full analysis and testing, sometimes with dire consequences for system security. Our IOTA provides ongoing, at-the-table security advisory that is resistant to internal pressures and is provided at affordable rates and prices, usually on a fixed price basis.

IOTA™ helps ensure you have good security that meets your needs at affordable cost.

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