Our Mission

We help companies achieve the security they need without hiring an internal security staff.

InfoSec Labs provides strategic security advisory services that are unique to the marketplace. We are an established CyberSecurity and Privacy advisory firm, founded in 1989, helping organizations build effective and strong corporate security knowledge and capability programs. Please select the links above to browse our various service offerings.

In 2017 and 2018, every US voter was compromised. Every Hong Kong voter was compromised. In 2019 and 2020 things only got worse, and 2021 was not better. Over the past few years, every US adult has had their credentials and credit information compromised (300 million last year). The European Banking Commission has mandated that all banking compromises in EU be reported to them immediately. Twenty five percent of all Australian companies were compromised last year.

This isn’t due to a lack of awareness – open any newspaper or listen to any news broadcast and you will be aware of the issues, whether you are a CEO or at any other level in the company. This is a deeper and more persistent issue. It has to do with the Security IQ of the company and its executives. It is not the company’s technical capability or intelligence; it is the company’s will and drive to be secure. 

This is a unique point in time to solve the problem. No other management consulting or security firm has grasped this issue with a solution. InfoSec Labs is dedicated to helping raise the security intelligence and awareness of a company so the executives know what to do and can take action to recommend and direct.

Security, compliance, legal, records management as one single entity, like an Eco system. All entities constantly interact with each other…no silos! InfoSec Labs will review the environment, including tools, training programs, compliance programs and policies and procedures. Determine who needs to do what and what is the current state of your security, both internal and external facing. Mostly, determine the business security needs based on your information and your interactions with clients and vendors.

InfoSec Labs brings 30 years of security experience to help focus security on business requirements. We will concentrate on your organizational roles and responsibilities to ensure people get the training they need and don’t spend more time than necessary, which can be a detriment to performing their functions. 

Business and Security

There is a creative tension between meeting security requirements and achieving business goals. Security is not just technical security, it is more importantly operating securely and with recognition of required operational security considerations. Business goals require a significant dedication to customer service, translated to keeping systems and applications up and running all the time. 

The problem is that keeping systems and services always-on may cause the perceived need for availability to overwhelm the confidentiality and integrity required of systems, thereby compromising security. The resolution is to build business requirements to be compatible with security needs. Business needs should be defined in concert with security goals so that as the business needs grow, security can grow with them. 

That requires an intelligent and creative understanding of both security and business. This is the Security IQ that empowers a company to be successful in business and security.

Security Transformation

As the business environments evolve, with a growth of digital transformations, security must follow suit. The security transformation must occur simultaneously with the digital transformations. 

The fiber of growing companies is changing to embrace digital marketing, sales, management, human resources and operations at every level. Our partners in every aspect of business link with us so we share our business DNA and the very core of our functions with each other. So too we share our weaknesses. Therefore, our security transformations must include our core synergies and our central business nervous systems so that cooperation and alliances increase our strength rather than compromise our corporate immune systems. 

Our partnerships must strengthen us and not weaken our defenses. A Strong Security IQ empowers business to grow stronger through the sharing rather than grow weaker through multiple layers of weaknesses. 

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