Raising the corporate Security IQ – What is Security IQ?

Security IQ is the level of knowledge and integration of cyber security into the fabric of the organization. From go to market planning to product or service execution, security that is considered early in the development cycle will be more effective, less costly and, most importantly, will support business best.

Security makes big news, yet breaches are still very common. Many organizations that were breached had good security and technology teams in place, but they did not adequately protect the company. Why? Because security if often an afterthought, it is usually not well integrated into business processes, and is not part of the overall top management thinking.

After all these years of breaches and press coverage, companies are still too susceptible to attacks because they have not yet woven security into the corporate fabric – this is what improvement of the organizational Security IQ accomplishes.

Security IQ™ improvement brings security into the fabric and “DNA” of the company.