Security Advisory Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services

InfoSec Labs is the original vCISO Advisory Company, offering advisory services more than 25 years ago, even before the CISO moniker came to be. Information and Cyber Security is increasing in importance every day. For the small to midsized business, this poses a special problem; some cannot afford or do not wish to allocate budget to hiring a CISO. InfoSec Labs employs seasoned and experienced security specialists to provide what you need to establish, maintain and demonstrate the security maturity that you need, without hiring a full time CISO.

We are an elite firm with seasoned experts to provide best-in-class “at the elbow” services to support your CISO if you have one, or to be your Virtual CISO (vCISO) if you don’t. Our experts provide thought leadership globally, and can bring ideas for sophisticated yet cost effective security to your firm. Moreover, we can help you communicate security concepts to your executive management, Board of Directors and other stakeholders. We know how to get the message across using business terms and ideas rather than security and technology talk. With our communications and presentations, you will gain their trust.

InfoSec Labs respects your budgets and operating needs. We provide most of our services at a fixed price you can afford. Budgets are therefore predictable and respected – never violated. As part of these services we provide various risk assessments, maturity assessments, compliance assessments where you need them, help you identify the best and most cost effective ways to achieve your security and privacy goals, using established frameworks and methods that your auditors, investors and others will understand and respect.

We help companies achieve the security they need without hiring an internal security staff.

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