Security Advisory

We help our clients achieve the security and privacy posture they need without hiring an internal security staff.

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vCISO Services

InfoSec Labs is the original vCISO Advisory Company, offering advisory services globally to all sizes of companies for over 30 years.

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Project Management

Our clients have realized that to be successful, they need to adopt a modern project management approach.

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Why InfoSec Labs? Because we are the original.

We are the first CyberSecurity and Privacy advisory firm, founded in 1989, helping organizations build effective and strong corporate security knowledge, capability and programs. InfoSec Labs provides strategic security advisory services that are unique to the marketplace.

We help companies achieve the security they need without hiring an internal security staff or expensive consulting. InfoSec Labs security advisory services encompass overall corporate security and executive strategies from technology to business, and from sales to HR, while raising the company’s security intelligence (Security IQ) so it can make smart, efficient and effective decisions to protect its information, people and environments.

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